Vocal Tuning - Mix My Music
Vocal Tuning - Mix My Music

Vocal Tuning

SFr. 90.00

Vocal Tuning

Vocals are a very sensitive and important part of music production and must be correct in order to reach a professional level. This means that you have to worry about pitch and timing for multiple vocals.

Even if you want a hard autotune effect for your voice, as you can hear in trap music, it's a little more complicated than just turning on an Autotune plugin for the vocal tracks.

Just tell us what you want and we'll do it!

Included in the price is:

  • Correct your vocal tracks where the pitch wasn't quite right
  • Align the vocal tracks so that they sound effective and professional in time
  • Set the rhythm of a particular vocal line
  • Hard tuning effect, if desired, such as T-Pain or Trap Music vocals
  • Free the loud plosives (loud"p" and "t" etc.)
  • Cleaning the track of buzzing fans or noises in general
  • Discount on Online mixing service with us

Even if your track is very well sung, it can benefit from additional help. In addition, we prepare your vocal lines for the mixing phase.

Remember to include your reference instrumental track along with the vocals you want to edit.

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online service

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Mix My Music


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